Oh yes I am

New York 2012
New York 2012

(including but not limited to)

  • fortysomething
  • living in Brussels
  • likes
    • reading
    • knitting
    • (thinking about) sewing
  • loves
    • pancakes
    • strawberries
    • architecture
    • science and technology
    • cheeky superheroes
    • films
    • the cat aka Mr T (when he’s bold and braggy) or Tigger (on one of his bad days)
    • music and dancing
  • in love with
    • words and language(s)
    • life
  • will travel to the other end of the country for good food
  • just a tiny bit geeky and very much attached to smartphone and its social apps

This list is not sorted in order of importance. Not by half.

Image Credits: © Michel Verreet.