Please reduce your mailbox size

On Saturday morning I found this message in my inbox. If I’d believed in faith, I’d be thinking this ‘a sign’ and running around shouting ‘Amen’ and ‘Hallelujah’. And I’d light a candle. You never know if it helps, for whatever.

I’m not doing all of this.

Fact is: this week is my last working week at Sony’s. I’ll be closing down the mailbox altogether. It’s been a good ride with great times, fun projects, lots of nice colleagues and numerous lovely and critical journalists. Still, I’m walking away of all of this.

In 2013 I’ve been forced to make some changes in my personal life, followed by the mandatory self evaluation. That was the starting point of living differently. No panic people, I haven’t been sporting fanatically (or at all – who do you take me for) or renouncing pastries (not even when pigs fly) or thinking things over before saying them out loud (hum…). Whatever I’m doing since then, it has to either make me happy or make a difference for someone else.

So I’m quitting the company I’ve been working for for over 15 years. No, I don’t know yet whom I’ll be working with now. I’ve got some vague plans of learning new things, doing the things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the nerve nor time for. If you’ve got an exciting project with which you would need some help, let me know. It might just fit into my learning curve!

We’ll see where I’ll end up. Hopefully not under a bridge. But hey, if it could be a bridge in Paris and holding a lemon meringue pie, that wouldn’t be too bad, would it?

Those who know about photography or the newspaper business might get this: I’m looking to the right.

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